What’s a Walk in Clinic and Why Go There?

Urgent care clinic

Every year, Americans get sick with annoying, time consuming, draining, painful, but not usually life-threatening conditions. When we’re ill, when we need some care, when we need to see a doctor but don’t need the emergency room, multicare urgent care is one great option.

Why Do People Go to a Walk In Clinic?

Walk in clinics like a multicare urgent care center are the perfect answer to
relatively minor health care needs. The doctors and medical professionals at a multicare urgent center have the expertise to treat all kinds of issues that don’t require a hospital or emergency room visit.

Every year we come down about a billion colds, which typically last from two days to two weeks to get over. About 25,000 people sprain an ankle each day, as well. Most walk in urgent care centers also takes care of minor fractures. Poison ivy is found in nearly every state in America, and 85% of people are allergic to it. All of these issues are ones a multicare urgent care can deal with.

Won’t I Get Better Care at An Emergency Room?

For an emergency, yes. But for things like a urinary tract infection, which is the cause of more than 8 million doctor visits every year, or for the 5% to 20% of us who come down with the flu and have no serious complications, no. A multicare urgent care center provides high quality medical care far more cheaply than a hospital can provide. You’re also likely to be seen more quickly, too, since you won’t be triaged to the back of the line because your condition isn’t an emergency.

What Symptoms Should I Go There For?

If you think you’ve got the flu or a cold, if you suspect a urinary tract infection, or have an upset stomach, if you’ve got a sinus infection, skin issues, sprains or strains, or just need some help with allergies, an urgent care center might the best place for you. An urgent care center will refer a patient on if they think it’s more serious than they’re equipped to take care of in that facility.

Urgent care centers are a great way to get good care at a reasonable price, quickly. Next time you’ve got a cold or sprained your ankle, head over to the walk in clinic and give the emergency room a miss.

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