Why Customized Nutrition Plans Trump Fad Diets

If you’ve been struggling with weight loss, you’re not alone. Currently, 54% of Americans are trying to lose weight. While fad diets are a dime a dozen, the truth is one size does not fit all when it comes to nutrition. In fact, when it comes to losing weight, your dietary needs are just as unique as you are! If you’re tired of trying diets that simply won’t work, here are some reasons to consider a customized diet program.

A Tailored Plan for Success

Weight gain can have many causes. From stress to hormonal imbalances and underlying medical conditions, no two people will experience it the same. A personalized nutrition plan allows you to work with a nutritionist to tailor a plan that suits your unique needs. This also allows you to tweak the plan to suit your schedule and include foods that you love, only in a healthier way. This gives you more control over your dieting and helps you start eating right in a way that is suited for your body.

Meal Plans Just for You

Customization is key to a successful diet. By working with a nutritionist you can work out a plan that includes the things you love to eat while taking care to create a meal plan that works for you. Some of us don’t have time to home cook a meal after work, and likewise, not everyone can eat the same foods. Your nutrition plan should take into consideration your nutritional needs, the time you have, and what you can realistically eat.

The Science of Personalized Nutrition

There are numerous medical tests that are able to track how food impacts metabolism and weight. By utilizing blood sugar, food sensitivity, and genetic testing you can get a better idea of the types of foods your body needs to maintain a healthy weight. For example, if a blood sugar test shows that levels are imbalances, this could be a contributing weight gain factor. To counteract this you can implement monitoring after meals to gain a better idea of what foods are triggering this reaction. Likewise, genome testing can give dieticians insight into your specific genetic predispositions allowing them to create a tailored plan that suits these requirements.

Why One-Size-Fits-All Doesn’t Work

Diets are a dime a dozen across magazines and online. While a handful of people might experience results, behind the scenes there are thousands more who haven’t. Trying diet after diet can be frustrating and exhausting, making it seem like nothing will work. The problem with these diets is that they are often either too restrictive to be realistic, or they aren’t suited for your body’s unique needs!

Let Time be the Judge

Time is the surest way to know if a diet is working for you. While any major changes will cause short-term reactions — fatigue or negative moods — within the first six weeks you should be able to feel a real positive change. However, oo combat the initial negativity, you can work with your nutritionist to gradually introduce changes, as opposed to tackling everything at once, to allow your body to ease into your new healthy diet.

If you’re tired of struggling with weight loss and cookie-cutter diets, consider speaking with a nutritionist about creating a personalized nutrition plan that is designed just for you. Now’s the time to take control of your weight, and start eating right for your body type.

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