The Best Method of Kitchen Grease Disposal

Most people cook in their homes to provide for themselves and their families. Some chefs may have different experience levels and may not entirely understand the dangers associated with kitchen grease. It’s important to dispose of this grease in a specific manner as it can pose horrible issues to your plumbing system. If you have any questions, reach out to a kitchen grease disposal company today.

Kitchen grease may appear as a liquid at higher temperatures, but once it cools down to room temp, it congeals into a thick solid that can block up any pipe.

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If you dump grease down the kitchen sink, it will congeal in the trap and cause a huge blockage. This blockage can cause flooding of the sink or it could entirely burst the pipe open and cause a massive leak.

Kitchen grease disposal companies specialize in taking this grease and ensuring it’s disposed of properly. You can save your grease in recycled glass bottles or mason jars until it’s ready to be collected. Grease disposal companies sometimes pick up grease and deliver it to their processing plants, or you can drop off the grease yourself if that works better.

Never dump grease or oil down a drain as there is a very high chance of it causing issues with your plumbing. Always consult a professional and dispose of it properly.

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