Three Ways To Ease Stress

Heated back wrap

Do you ever find yourself agonizing over a due date? Does it send your stress levels soaring? If so, you are in good company. According to The National Institute for Occupation Safety and Health, nearly half of all workers describe their job as ?very or extremely stressful.? This leads to 25% of workers admitting that they’ve called in sick in order to restore their energy. Besides disrupting workflow at the office, it takes a toll on your mind and body and if you feel weighed down, there are some easy ways to help manage stress.

  1. Heat: If your stress manifests in any sort of physical pain like muscle tension, soreness, or lack of energy, you might consider a heating pad. If you have back pain specifically, try a microwavable heated back wrap. In general, heat therapy can be incredibly relaxing, assuaging not only aches and pains, but also what weighs on your mind.
  2. Soothing Scents: Perhaps your body is fine, but you find your mind restless and racing when all you want is sleep. One unconventional approach to this problem can be found in ancient eastern cultural wisdom. The uses of essential oils were not limited to spiritual and ritualistic practices of the time. In fact, they were used in hygienic and therapeutic ways as well. Soothing scents can really calm your nerves and reduce stress.
  3. Sleep: Have you ever tossed and turned in bed at night? You’re far from alone. About 60 million Americans are affected by either a sleep disorder or general sleep deprivation. If you have problems sleeping, stress could be the culprit that keeps you from drifting off. This might stress you out further, and create a cycle of stress. A unique idea is to try using essential oils to make you more enthusiastic for bed. The National Sleep Foundation conducted a poll which found that 75% of people looked forward to sleeping more when their bedding smelled fresher, which ultimately could play a part in the forming better sleep habits. Combine the desire to be in bed under fresh covers with the warm restorative sensation you’d find from a microwavable heated back wrap, and you have a recipe for a better night’s rest! It is well known that sleep is important for staying healthy, so take small steps toward getting a full eight hours of sleep each night and you will likely notice your stress level start to decrease.

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