There are Alternatives to the CPAP Device

New albany sleep apnea

One of the most depressing things about New Albany sleep apnea is the fact that millions of adults can have it and not even know it. The American Sleep Apnea Association says that 20 million adults are affected by this sleep disorder. The disorder causes a pause in breathing when someone is sleeping. These pauses can happen a few times every hour or hundreds of times, depending on the severity of your sleep apnea. Abnormally slow breathing is also a characteristic of sleep apnea.

People who sleep alone do not know that they stop breathing during the night. When they go to the doctor, the doctor has no way of knowing this either, unless a sleep study is done. When a sleep study and other tests show that the person has sleep apnea, a CPAP devise prescription is in order. People who have a sleep partner often hear complaints about loud snoring coming from their partners. The loud snoring caused by sleep apnea can even drive your partner out of bed to sleep on the couch.

It is important to know if you have New Albany sleep apnea, because people who do have it can develop high blood pressure, diabetes and be at a high risk for having a stroke. New Albany sleep apnea can also causes other health problems, including cancer and obesity. People who do not sleep well because of sleep apnea are overly tired, foggy brained and fall asleep quickly when they sit still for even a few minutes. If you snore loudly and get up in the morning feeling like you just got run over by a truck, you may have sleep apnea. It is important to go to the doctor and ask for the test for sleep apnea.

People who have Jeffersonville sleep apnea put off going to the doctor for it because they do not want to use a CPAP device. The good news is that there is a Louisville cpap alternative. For instance, one can use a dental device designed for patients who have Louisville sleep apnea. A Southern Indiana CPAP alternative is available for patients who suffer from Southern Indiana sleep apnea too. Find out where to get New Albany sleep apnea alternatives as well by searching for more information on this subject online.
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