The Top 5 Reasons to Consider Urgent Care Centers

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Getting sick isn’t something you plan on. Sometimes you just wake up with a terrible sore throat, stomach ache or ear infections, or you accidentally fall and sustain minor trauma or injury such as a common sprain or shallow cut. Your family doctor isn’t available right away, and your condition isn’t serious enough to warrant the services of an emergency room. So what’s the immediate solution to your medical condition? Consider going to an urgent care clinic around you.

Urgent care is a growing field in the health sector around the world. For many years now, emergency rooms and other ER centers have not been able to manage issue to do with overcrowding fully. This is mainly due to lack of enough space and a limited number of doctors to offer care promptly. Urgent care centers are solving these challenges, by providing timely care that removes the pressure off emergency rooms. The following are five reasons why you may need to consider MultiCare urgent care.

Relatively low cost
A trip to an urgent care clinic can cost you considerably less than seeking the emergency room care. In fact, treatment cost at an urgent care is likened to that of a primary care visit. However, the charges you’d incur in urgent care will vary according to your insurance coverage. And while most insurance companies cover the cost of treatment at urgent care, it’s important to consult your insurer to understand the centers that are within their network.

Flexible working hours
A majority of urgent care clinics have extended operating hours. About eighty-five percent of urgent care centers are open seven days a week. Some even working past 5 pm, making it convenient for those who are overly busy during the day. This allows you to seek medical attention for non-life -threatening illness at any time of the day.

Timely service delivery
Multicare Urgent care clinics generally have less waiting time than emergency room care. This is because most of them don’t require you to book an appointment. You only need to walk in and seek medical help. Also, the waiting time to receive treatment is considerably low than most medical facilities. Patients will have to wait for 15 minutes or less to get help. Therefore, if you’re seeking timely care, urgent care is your best option.

Comprehensive care
Urgent care borrows its expertise from family and emergency medicine. This is according to the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine. As such, urgent care physicians have the knowledge to handle a wide range of medical issues from both medicine fields.

Greater Accessibility
If you are out on a business trip or just a casual travel, urgent care ensure that you get the right help should you fall sick during your trip. It’s estimated that of all urgent care clinics in the United States, 10% of them are found in rural areas while the rest are located in the city areas. This makes it possible to access treatment even when you are not near your primary doctor.

Ultimately, you want a medical facility that is both convenient and efficient in service delivery. And choosing a multicare urgent care can mean all the difference. Whether you’ve sustained a minor burn, fracture, injury, or you’re suffering from a strep throat, you are guaranteed an expedite and quality urgent care treatment.

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