The Facts On Clinic Care

When it comes to emergency rooms and urgent clinic care, people confuse these two services for one another. Some people falsely believe that emergency rooms are the place they go to for urgent issues and most people falsely believe that urgent care clinic is utilized for emergency situations. However, both of these pieces of information are completely wrong. Here are some of the facts on clinic care.

As the years go on, more and more people are beginning to believe in urgent clinic care. As of right now, nearly 85% of all urgent care centers are open seven days a week. So this is incredibly reliable to people who need to visit them at any given moment, Keep in mind that according to the Urgent Care Association of America, nearly 3 million patients visit these clinics each week!

Urgent care centers see plenty of problems and can treat a number of issues. For instance, in the year of 2012, the most common procedure provided by urgent clinic care was wound repair. In that same year, the most common diagnosis in urgent care centers was an upper respiratory condition. Here is the truth on what you can get from urgent clinic care:

Clinic Care Can Treat Minor Problems

One of the most common complaints that doctors deal with is dizziness. This is something that can easily be handled by urgent clinic care. Just about 70% of the population in the United States will deal with this problem at some point in their lives and that is why it is not a problem to stress over!

More often than not, dizziness and minor problems happen with older people and that is why the medical walk in clinic is now so popular. It allows for patients to seek treatment for issues that are not serious enough for the emergency room. Just about 65% of all individuals that are older than 60 years of age will deal with dizziness, loss of balance, and other problems almost every day.

Clinic Care Can Treat Physical Injuries

One of the most common misconceptions is that urgent clinic care facilities are unable to provide help for physical injuries. As a matter of fact, just about four out of every five urgent care centers provide some form of fracture care. So this is a place that can be visited for swift physical injury treatment.

Reports estimate that 25,000 Americans suffer from an ankle sprain each day. Plus, keep in mind that more than 80% of ankle sprains are a result of inversion, or inward rolling, of the ankle. These types of minor physical injuries are not emergencies and thus they can be easily treated by urgent clinic care.

There are currently 20,000 physicians who practice Urgent Care Medicine today. These physicians can recommend physical therapy to patients who are dealing with back pain, which is incredibly common. For instance, just about 69% of all Americans have openly stated that lower back pain affects their day-to-day lives.

Four in ten people try to exercise to relieve lower back pain. However, this can make problems even worse over time. It is important that anyone with lower back pain gets treatment. This is because at least 40% of people suffering from long-term low back pain do not see a doctor or physical therapist. So if you are dealing with lower back pain, take some time to visit a medical clinic for clinic care.

In Conclusion

Every single year people will overlook the value of urgent clinic care and the services that the doctors, nurses, and physicians provide at these facilities. These types of medical clinics can provide people with the proper treatment that they need whereas most emergency rooms will dismiss their issues.

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