The Beauty of Ibogaine Therapy

Buprenorphine addiction

Addiction is hard. On moment we feel like we are at our best and then the next we could be having the worst time of our lives. It’s scary how fast things can shift around. It seems addiction the amplifies the fact that life can kick us across the head at any moment. The problem is that our alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, methadone addiction, or whatever else may be kicking up and may be getting in the way of us enjoying our time.

Then we have to ask ourselves, do we have a problem? Is it time to seek help? I know it may seem offensive or hard to admit, but it may be time to admit it. There are many things out there that need to get dealt with. If we just admit that we have an addiction, we can deal with this problem and move on to the other ones.

But then the question becomes, what’s out there? What can we do to treat our addictions? Well, there are many medical treatments out there and many medicines out there to make for a better tomorrow and healthier lives for ourselves. Some include Subutex, Suboxone, detox programs, and more. The thing is, with most of these things people eventually fall back on the things the were addicted to or become addicted to the thing that they used to get rid of the first addiction.

That’s why I’m here to tell you about ibogaine therapy. Ibogaine is a miracle drug that can make you feel more like you. It can make you forget about all the other drugs and go back to your normal, healthy lifestyle. What ibogaine does that makes it a miracle drug is that it has a side effect that make the user’s body do a complete and total reboot. That’s right, no withdrawal for your alcohol addiction and no feeling of need for methadone either.

But there’s something else to also mention, ibogaine therapy is also a psychedelic experience. That’s right, ibogaine is actually a psychedelic drug. You can see visions or at the very least get a high off of taking the drug. It was when people used the drug for these purposes that the discovered that it also, by chance, got rid of other drug addictions. Isn’t that nice little side effect? So, not only could you get rid of your addiction that you hate and/or those around you want you to get rid of, but you can also enjoy the process as well.

Addiction is never easy and is never nice. That said, getting rid of the addiction doesn’t have to be as hard. Ibogaine therapy is a great solution because it gets rid of addiction and it give you a pleasant ride while doing it. This miracle drug could save all of our lives both socially and literally. Just look into it more and see. You will thank yourself for looking into it later.

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