Some of the Most Common Reasons for Visits to Urgent Care and Emergency Rooms

Coppell emergency care center

Like emergency services, urgent care treats injury and illness. Whether you go to one place or the other is ultimately up to you and the nature of your injuries, but some reasons for a visit to the ER are more common than others.
To help you know when to visit the best in urgent care or the emergency room, here’s a list of the most common reasons people usually visit these establishments.
Chest Pain
Chest pain is a symptom that should never be ignored, especially if it feels like somebody has put a weight on your chest. Any chest discomfort should be looked at immediately in case there’s a risk of heart attack or respiratory failure.
Sprains are probably one of the most common reasons for visits to emergency services all year round. Whether it’s sports, recreational activities, or a simple slip and fall accident, sprains can be treated at urgent care and emergency rooms without any issues.
If you get a stomach virus or food poisoning, the emergency room might be your best bet. Vomiting can cause severe dehydration, as well as fatigue and fevers. In this scenario, you should visit emergency services so you can be rehydrated and given a prescription.
Cold or Flu Symptoms
If you experience a stuffy nose, fever, headaches, or body aches, you could be coming down with a cold or the flu. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference, but if any of these symptoms occur during flu season, you should definitely have them checked out at urgent care, which treats injury and illness.
Cuts and Scrapes
Simple garage or kitchen accidents can often require a visit to urgent care or the emergency room. Lacerations may need stitches and trips may turn into a broken or sprained limb. If you’re in serious pain or experiencing excessive bleeding, you’re better off not chancing it and seeking the help of emergency services.
Going to urgent care is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it’s one of the best things you can do in a medical emergency. If you experience any of these situations, you know where to go.

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