Short Wait Times, High Quality Care The Promise Urgent Care Centers Offer Millions Of Americans

You should never be worried about whether or not you can see a doctor.

Sadly, America’s shaky healthcare landscape can make this an issue circling your mind more often than not. Whether you have health insurance or not, your basic needs still deserve to be met. This is where the urgent care center comes into play. These useful locations are plentiful and easily accessible, offering both a wide variety of services and a low cost to accommodate as many people as possible. If you haven’t visited one before, consider reading the list below.

You deserve to have a medical resource that puts both your health and your budget first.

Urgent Care Locations Are Starting To See More Activity

You might already know a few people who have visited an urgent care center in the past. Back in 2016 the Urgent Care Association reported that, during the 2016 fiscal year, urgent care centers reported an average of 15,000 patient care visits. They would then state that these clinics handle an average of three patient care visits per hour, as high as 50 per day, and is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. Simply put, the urgent care center is soon becoming a staple of American healthcare. What can you expect to see when you stop by?

Short Wait Times And Low Cost Models Are The Standard

Perhaps one of the most convenient elements of the urgent care center are their short wait times. When you can’t afford to wait to see your regular doctor medical professionals at any given urgent care clinic will offer you some reprieve. Recent studies have found some of these locations offer wait times of 25 minutes or less, with even the highest being no longer than 30 minutes. The low cost is another element you can look forward to. Emergency rooms, while able to treat you fast, are well-known for offering astronomically high bills.

You Can Receive On-The-Spot Treatment

Have you suffered a sprained ankle and are wondering what to do next? Do you have a cut that’s a little too deep for at-home treatment? An urgent care doctor will patch you up and send you right on your way. A 2016 survey found 75% of urgent care patients reporting their care as either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’, adding up to a majority ultimately satisfied with their quality of care. It’s not just more extreme problems that will be attended to, either.

Preventative Care And Physical Therapy Are Also Offered

Not only can you receive quality treatment for a painful burn or broken bone, but preventative care to keep you healthy. Vaccines are offered on a rolling basis, all to ensure everyone is safe from today’s most debilitating illnesses. The flu vaccine, in particular, is recommended every year. Today the top five medical diagnoses given in urgent care centers are acute upper respiratory infections, acute sinusitis, acute pharyngitis, fever, and severe cough. Primary care isn’t just useful…it’s essential.

Urgent Care Centers Are Your One-Stop Shop For Quality Care

When in doubt, reach out to an urgent care doctor and find out. A recent survey gauging the attitudes of American patients found out a few interesting things concerning visits to urgent care centers. A little over 20% stated their decision was based on assumption their wait times would be shorter, with another 20% emphasizing the urgent care location as more convenient than other options. One way or another, urgent care centers will give you something an emergency room or regular doctor cannot.

Stay healthy in 2019. Add urgent care centers to your regular healthcare.

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