Scientific Diets and Other Alternatives for Migraine Sufferers


More individuals are becoming aware of using natural remedies for a variety of health issues. In addition to alternative therapies for digestive disorders, there are also those for anxiety, insomnia, and headaches. Given that so many people suffer with migraines, natural treatments such as scientific diets are being further explored.

Many people, however, experience migraines and remain either undiagnosed and/or under-treated. This is the case with a minimum of 50% of the patients that participated in a recent study. Furthermore, less that 50% of the participants indicated that they had consulted with a physicians about their migraines.

Since pain and other types of symptoms are associated with both severe headaches and migraines, depression is more common with migraine sufferers than it is with healthy individuals. Recent data shows that depression tends to be three times more common with these individuals. This is not surprising as when someone has migraines on a regular basis, it has an adverse effect on their overall quality of life.

The number of attacks experienced by migraineurs does vary. A recent survey showed that 54% had one or more attacks every month, and 13% had one or more attacks every week. Even though there may be some times of the year when an individual may suffer either more or fewer migraines, this, too, will differ among migraineurs.

In order to learn what may be triggering their migraines, some individuals keep a journal of what they eat and drink and then track the incidence of their migraines. Both physicians and holistic health practitioner may also encourage their clients to be on some type of scientific diet. While there are common triggers, such as red wine, MSG, and various types of processed foods, not everyone will have the same triggers.

It’s also a good idea for migraine sufferers to keep track of other triggers. These may include different types of light, loud sounds, and various environmental conditions and substances. When these triggers are known, it has the potential to assist with reducing the incidence of migraines.

When exploring natural remedies and special scientific diets, it’s important to work closely with a medical professional. More and more traditional western physicians are becoming open to alternative therapist as well. If someone believes they’re suffering with migraines, or knows that they are, it’s important to seek professional assistance. In this way, there’s a chance that their migraines may be considerably reduced and they will feel happier and healthier.

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