Ready to Hit the Gym?

The human body is an impressive biological machine. Its capability ranges from running long, or short, distances at great and steady speeds to powerlifting several hundred pounds willingly or when in grave danger. When your body is packing more than 650 muscles, it is no wonder fitness junkies throw on a powerlifting suit or training belt to push their bodies to the absolute limits.

Before hitting the gym, you should always browse fitness stores for various training gear. There is a plethora of different gear best suited for your choice in exercise. Gear comes in the form of: the aforementioned powerlifting suit and training belt, wrist wraps, knee sleeves or wraps, deadlift socks and squat suits, weight lifting belts, and so on and so forth. Your best option would be to consult a fitness trainer on what you should be bringing to the gym.

Now that you have bought the gear, what can exercise do for you? For starters, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you could lose as much as 50% of your muscle mass by the time you reach 80 years of age; if you keep a regular weight training regimen, you can stop, prevent and even reverse muscle loss. Slipping even two weight training sessions in a single week can reduce your body fat by up to 7%! And for those suffering from lower back pain, 80% of people have managed to alleviate their back pain with strength training. For those who might be having trouble sleeping, it is no secret that 60% of people who weight train can expect a good night of up to seven or more hours of sleep per night. To top it off, a study in 2016 discovered a link between lifting weights or doing calisthenics has a remarkable 31% decrease in risk of death by any cause.

Exercise is not without its risks. The various exercise regimens can actually harm you if you do not adhere to the strict forms associated with each exercise. Each form was designed to maximize on strengthening your muscles while minimizing or outright eliminating strain on your body. As high as 65% of injuries come from overuse. When you are ready to hit the gym, always remember to pace yourself and only handle what you can.

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