PiYo How The Program Can Change Your Life

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The fact is that it’s becoming more and more difficult to not only lose weight, but stay healthy. And it’s undeniable that having a healthy weight is linked to being healthy in general. Why is it that only 20% of people can both lose weight and keep it off? Is there something wrong with us that makes it impossible for us to lose weight and stay healthy? No, there really isn’t. The thing that’s wrong is your lifestyle. The reason why it’s so difficult for Americans — and in particular working mothers — to get and stay fit is that they just don’t have the time. Between work, maintaining a household and family, and getting in some quality time for yourself and your kids, you’ll probably find it extremely difficult to work out and cook healthy meals. The thing is that many of us find that we can change our lifestyles in one way or the other: through diet or through exercise, but rarely through both. However, while physical activity can lower your risk for health issues like cardiovascular diseases, diet is equally important. According to the CDC, 75% of healthcare spending goes to treating chronic diseases — and most of those diseases are diet-related. What you need if you want to get healthy is not a workout plan or a diet plan, but a lifestyle plan. The PiYo program could be that for you.

What Is A PiYo Program?
A PiYo program is a program that approaches your health and weight loss goals through both diet and exercise. Typically, a PiYo program will provide you not only with a workout plan designed for your specific needs, but a PiYo diet plan as well. There are multiple benefits to both of these aspects. For one thing, a workout plan takes the worry about when you’ll workout and how out of the equation. It gives you several different options that target the specific areas of your body that you’re actually concerned about. Another great aspect of PiYo fitness plans is that it takes the thinking out of your meals. Your meals are not only going to taste good — they’re going to be good for you. For people really on the go, PiYo even has a shakeology option. Shakeology will provide you with protein shakes that will not only curb your cravings, but provide you with the energy you need to continue working out and sculpting your body. These shakes will definitely be a lot healthier than whatever snacks you were bringing with you to work before, and takes a lot of the guesswork out of eating healthy.

What Are The Benefits Of A PiYo Program?

For one thing, PiYo offers a lot of different options. You don’t have to order a fitness package that has you working out like an athlete when you’re not prepared for that commitment and don’t have the time. In fact, PiYo cuts down on the time that you would otherwise spend mapping out your fitness plan and dietary needs. Furthermore, PiYo has the added benefits of giving you the option of a PiYo coach. A PiYo coach can help you in a number of ways. They’re encouraging, and give you a lot of tips about how to modify your fitness plan to suit your specific needs. PiYo coaches aren’t all about exercise either. A PiYo nutritional coach can help you further better your diet in a big way. Sometimes you need that extra nudge, and a PiYo coach can do that for you. The great thing about PiYo is that if you have an injury or illness from which you’re recovering, you can modify your plan. Finally, PiYo doesn’t come with the hassle and invasiveness that a traditional trainer or gym is associated with. It’s about changing your life in a way that you can handle. It’s about your individual self, and isn’t about to force you to conform to a system that’s worked for other people but won’t work for you.

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