Need for the Drug Test Along with Employee Background Check

Urine drug tests have been shown to provide the fastest results turnaround, especially when potential employers need to test for drug usage within the past five days. While there are many other options, employers have reasons for choosing the urine drug test option.

Why Urine Drug Tests Provide the Best Results

Along with previous employer background checks and criminal history checks, the importance of a drug screen comes with the willingness to hire someone who may appear right for a position. One reason is that drug users are likely to be absent from work up to 20 times more often than those who don’t use drugs. While the employee may have the skills that match the role you are looking to fill, if it is proven they use drugs they may not get the work done.

Drug Test Completed Along with Employee Background Checks

You know that it is possible for anyone to lie on their resume. Whether it is about their education, past work experience, skills and abilities, as well as much more, anyone may try to lie. So, what is the best way to confirm they will be able to complete the job you are considering to offer them? As much as we all like to trust people and what they tell us, those phone calls and drug tests are necessary. There is definitely a warning spark if someone says they are not willing to undergo a background check and a drug test. They may have something to hide, and at that point another candidate may be more productive in the role.

Other Tests in Addition to Urine Drug Tests

It is important to remember that illegal drugs are not the only thing that may limit a candidate’s ability to follow-through on a position. Some of these may be alcohol usage, especially if it occurs during the day, along with some of the prescription medications that tend to lead to further addictive tendencies. While it may be important for the testing facility to get all of the prescription details from an individual, there is the potential to include a screen for alcohol.

Then there is the need to make sure that all the necessary data is collected on a potential candidate before bringing them into your team. Along with calling past references for confirmation of work experience, there are driving records as needed, criminal history for the appropriate details, and sometimes credit history if they will be handling finances. Sometimes it is a slow process, but it can be worth it to help find the perfect match that will be able to maintain a supportive role on your team for a long time.

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