Looking at Retirement Housing for a Loved One? These Tips Could Help You!

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Helping a loved one look at assisted living communities can be a trying experience, but the struggles are well worth knowing that your loved one is in a community where they will be happy and cared for. Whether you’re just starting your search or you’re in the middle of it, these five tips could help you find the perfect retirement housing in no tiem at all.

Observe the level of cleanliness

When visiting an assisted living home, it’s important to observe the cleanliness of the place, especially in community areas. Does the facility look clean and fresh? One of the most important things to ask in this situation is how often housekeeping services visit personal living facilities. While the cleanliness of communal areas is important, personal spaces must be equally as clean.

Visit during an activity

Visiting assisted living communities during an activity, and even arranging to participate in the activity, can give you a good feel as to how the community functions and works together. Are the residents enjoying the activity? The staff? In addition, checking the activity calendar and ensuring that it aligns with your loved one’s interests is important.

Eat a meal at the facility

Eating a meal at the assisted living care center that you’re visiting can not only give you a feel of the cuisine, but it can allow you and your loved one to meet some of the residents and the staff members in a more causal and relaxed setting. It’s also important to know what the procedure is if a resident can’t make it to the dining hall for a meal.

Ask about personal care

Perhaps the most important component of all senior homes is the level of personal care offered by the staff. Asking about bathing options and preferences is extremely important. Not only that, but be sure pay attention to how the staff treats residents during your visit. Your first priority is the quality of care for your loved one.

Listen to resident and family feedback

Getting feedback from residents at different assisted living communities is crucial to your search. Ask them about their experiences, both positive and negative. In addition, ask families who have a relative at the locations you’re looking into. If everything checks out, then you should have an easier time making a decision.

Above all else, however, you should trust your instincts and the opinion of your loved one. This decision is determining where they’ll be spending the majority of their time, after all. With these tips, you should find the perfect senior home for your loved one in no time.

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