How You Can Live With Pet Allergies

Having any kind of pet allergy can be hard, but pet allergies are also very common. Any animal that has hair or fur can leave you open to potentially having an allergic reaction. This can be extremely difficult if you love having pets around the house, but is the constant coughing and sneezing worth it? You might also have a more serious reaction that leaves you medically frail.

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The symptoms you get from these allergies depend on how you’re exposed to the animal. If they rub against you, you might develop hives. Other times, you could be exposed to the airborne dander from their fur. In this case, you’ll probably experience a runny nose, cough, and itchy eyes. It can also trigger your asthma. Thankfully, you can test for specific animal allergies so you can narrow down what type of pet you’re allergic to.

There are also several treatment options available. The best way to do that is to limit dander exposure. Wipe down and clean your furniture, curtains, carpet, and other surfaces in your home. You should also be washing your pet regularly to remove excess dander. Finally, keep your pet out of the bedroom.


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