How to Lose Weight Without Damaging Your Heart

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Carrie Fisher?s death has led some to speculate that the renowned actress?s heart condition may have been brought on, at least in part, by the rapid weight loss she underwent for the last Starwars movie. According to the actress, she lost 35 pounds for the role, and mostly by reducing what she ate, rather than the doctor recommended plan of eating a balanced diet while also exercising more.

Experts say that rapid, unsupervised weight loss has the potential to weaken the heart ? when so much weight is lost as once, sometimes it is coming not just from fat cells, but muscles as well, including cardiac muscles. It?s entirely possible that this ? along with previous drug use, and other factors as well ? contributed to the actress?s untimely death.

It?s worth noting, though, that about 66% of American adults are either overweight or obese, and this can lead to everything from heart disease to stroke, and even to cancer.

So, how can people choose to lose weight in a healthy way, in order to improve their health and not risk it? Here are a few tips.

Consult Weight Loss Physicians on the Regular

If you don?t have much experience with weight loss plans, find a weight loss doctor. These doctors are very experienced with helping patients turn their lives around, and they also know how to deal with many of the common challenges prevalent among weight loss patients.

Come Up With a Long Term Weight Loss System

Weight loss systems that promise you that you can lose 10 pounds in a week, or 20 in a month, etc., are nearly always dangerous, or at least potentially so ? not to mention ineffective. For a weight loss plan to work, it has to involve ongoing changes. Otherwise, you will lose the weight ? and some of it will be water weight ? only to put it back on the second you quit the unsustainable plan. An average of a pound or a half a pound a week is typically what a doctor will recommend. Very roughly speaking ? since every body is different ? losing a pound each week already requires cutting out a whopping 3,000 calories.

Cut Out Other Factors Affecting Weight Loss

Did you know that insomnia and receiving less sleep than recommended has been linked to weight gain? When your brain does not get adequate rest, the hormones affecting the rest of your body ? including things like weight ? are thrown off. Seeing a doctor about insomnia might prove surprisingly useful for your problem.

What weight loss systems have worked for you? Let us know.

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