How Dental Experts Would Have You Prevent Cavities

What you eat is a core component of your health. You put healthy in, you get healthy out. Likewise, you put unhealthy in, you get unhealthy out. Food affects nearly every aspect of your health. It affects your ability to think well, your levels of energy, and your emotions.

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It even affects your oral health. In fact, a poor diet can be a major contributing factor to tooth decay. In this video, you will learn how to prevent cavities according to a dental expert.

According to a dental expert, sugars and fermentable carbs can be detrimental to your oral health. This is because bacteria feeds off of these materials. In turn, they produce acid which will burn through your teeth over time. This is certainly not a good outcome. It starts by burning through the enamel, then the acid works its way deeper and deeper. This is when you notice the cavity and start to feel the pain. However, by this time, it is already too late as the process can not be reversed. This is why preventative measures are so crucial. For example, you may want to save sugary food for special occasions.


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