Healthy lunches are best when planned ahead of time

Healthy lunch ideas

It’s 7 a.m. and you’re staring blankly into the fridge. The door and your mouth are agape as you try and muster a thought about what to put together for lunch. You’ve got to leave for work in a few minutes and you’re scrambling to make a meal that is convenient, healthy and will help you get through the day. Throw into the mix your bright eyed child looking up at you, hoping you will create a miracle in a lunchbox that will satisfy their hunger as well.
Discovering healthy lunch ideas can be a practical way to make healthy lunches (hopefully ahead of time) that will meet the hunger needs of you and your family.
The key to a healthy lunch rests in the words low fat. Never use the word diet when packing a lunch or it will ultimately fail. No one wants to start their day thinking about deprivation and the things they think they are missing out on. Instead, focus on positive words such as healthy choices and whole, as in whole wheat and whole grain. Mix in the word fresh, add some fruits and veggies and you’re on your way to thinking, and eating, healthy lunches!
It all starts with the psyche. You may not feel like you’re making healthy lunches at 7 a.m. but when you start to mix up these terms, you’re half way there.
Another key factor to creating healthy lunches is to control portions. When you use compartmental plastic food cases or divide food into small baggies, you’re already thinking about making healthy lunches. You may not have realized it, but it’s true. By thinking about what foods you want to put into which bag or container, you’re making conscious decisions.
The same can be said about healthy snacks. They make snack size plastic baggies as well as single serving plastic containers, so when you’re packing for you or your child, it’s always best to consider using smaller dishes or bags. The mind is easily tricked, or made to be content, when it acknowledges that the food is gone. Again, it’s all about mind set.
So, get busy thinking about what healthy lunches sound like the night before. Packing in a hurry the morning of doesn’t lend itself to making healthy choices. Like anything, planning it out can make it a better all around experience.

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