Health Care Help When You’re Short on Funds

It’no secret that health care in the U.S. is expensive. Unfortunately many families are unable to afford insurance for family care due to the high cost of premiums. If you or a family member need to see a doctor, what should you do? Resources do exist for those with limited funds.

Family Health Clinic

Larger communities offer many options for those who lack the means to pay for medical care. A local community clinic can offer everything from anonymous STD testing to nutritional counseling on a sliding scale basis. A low cost health clinic will also refer you or your loved one to a specialist who has agreed to accept a reduced payment in exchange for services.

Mobile Health Clinic

Funded by public and private grants, mobile health clinics can be found in areas that are facing a doctor shortage, such as a rural community or small town. Staffed by physicians and other health care personnel, these clinic on wheels offer well child care, diabetes management, and referrals to community resources at little to no cost, depending on your financial resources.

Once a staple in large cities, you can find a free health clinic in small towns and in suburban communities. Your local free health clinic can assist you with short-term illnesses such as the flu, or with chronic illness management for conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and heart disease. Free health clinics are staffed by physicians, nurses, and medical students working under the supervision of a regular physician.

Low-cost Insurance For Family Care

Your county and state social service agencies may offer access to state and federal insurance for family care. As with any county social program, you will need to undergo eligibility screening that takes into account your income, household size, assets, and in some cases medical need. Some states offer low-cost plans for children under 18 exclusively. Check with your county social service office or website to learn about low-cost programs for your family.

Lacking the means to pay for health care can be frightening and stressful. To locate low-cost resources in your area, your local library offers computer banks for researching low-cost health care options in your community. Resources such as family health clinics, mobile health clinics, and free clinics are designed to meet the needs of those with limited resources.

Don’t let the cost of health care scare you away from seeking the treatment you need. Resources are available at the local, county and state level to provide you with quality health care at minimal cost.

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