Functional Medicine 101: How Does It Work?

You may have heard the term functional medicine before, but do you know what it is? The YouTube video “What is Functional Medicine?” gives a short intro to the form of medicine. The most important aspect of functional medicine is that it is both an evidence-based and systems-based approach. This is a form of patient care that looks at the whole person and tries to identify the underlying cause of an illness or disease.

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Facts About Functional Medicine


Functional medicine takes a patient-centered approach focused on personalized care. The doctor will examine the patient’s medical history, genetic makeup, and lifestyle. Based on this information, the medical practitioner will develop a tailored treatment plan to address the underlying illness or disease to cure the patient.


Functional medicine looks at the systems in our bodies and how they are interconnected. It understands that if one system is affected, it may also affect other body parts. This forms part of the holistic approach to healthcare. Functional medicine aims to locate the root cause of the illness or disease and treat the root cause instead of treating the symptoms.


Another key difference in functional medicine is that it does not use conventional diagnostic tools. It uses a unique set of testing methods to source the root cause. Lastly, functional medicine focuses on ongoing monitoring and support of the patient.


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