Finding the Fast Lane-Setting Foot on the Path to Recovery and Choosing a Residential Drug Treatment Centre

Inpatient rehab

When a loved one is struggling, it’s only natural to want to help. Still it can be hard to make the decision to seek assistance and even harder to select the best rehab centre for your family member. Any decision to help is a step on the path to recovery but some basic information about residential drug treatment programs can help you and your loved one make an informed decision.

Many Canadians will seek out help via residential drug treatment programs and private drug rehab centres each year. The government has dedicated over $8 billion towards substance abuse treatment centres — an encouraging sign of support to those struggling with drug or alcohol detox. These public programs may include both residential drug treatment as well as outpatient services.

The demand for public residential treatment programs can often be their downside. Each year, one in five Canadians will struggle with substance abuse or mental illness. This means that any given public rehab centre in Toronto may have a waitlist that is months long.

Private rehab programs offer an opportunity for more immediate support. Inpatient rehab centers will have a selection of services that families can choose from and patients can often be checked in immediately to these residential drug treatment centres. Whether your family member is facing weed addiction, alcohol abuse, or perscription drug dependency, there is likely a residential treatment centre that has specific experience in their particular struggle.

Regardless of your choice between public or private professional drug rehab, it’s also important to look at the centres recovery program and philosophy. People with substance abuse issues are three times as likely to struggle with mental illness as well. If an individual’s drug or alcohol use is also complicated by personal trauma or mental illness, they may benefit from more individualized attention.

Take a close look at the substance abuse centres population size as well as their staff ratios. This can help determine whether your loved one will get the level of support and attention they may need.

Each year, 47,000 Canadians lose their lives to substance abuse. Addiction is a very serious issue and both addicts and family members need all the support they can get. No path is easy, but finding a residential drug treatment centre that fits your needs in terms of timing and focused attention can ease your loved one’s transition from addiction to recovery.

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