Finding The Best Urinary Tract Infection Catheter

Foley catheter supplies

Modern disposable catheters were invented in the 1940s by a man named David S. Sheridan, who went on to found and sell four catheter companies and was nicknamed “The Catheter King” by Forbes magazine. You should find the best possible urinary tract infection catheter so that you can avoid bladder infection from catheter use, which can be extremely painful. A catheter associated urinary tract infection can cause serious issues for medical patients. Whether you need foley catheter supplies or self catheterization supplies, be sure that you select the best possible tools available.

Foley catheters were designed by a Boston surgeon named Frederic Foley in the 1930s. Catheters can be used to prevent a urinary tract infection as well as to help people recover from spinal cord injuries. The national rate of spinal cord injuries in surviving patients is about 12,000 each year. A urinary tract infection catheter is important to ensure that people do not suffer from bladder infections or other problems that can negatively affect their health.

In 2008, there was a 3.4 million rating of US military veterans with a service related disability. 52 percent of people that have spinal cord injuries are considered paraplegic and 47 percent are quadriplegic. If you need help with a urinary tract infection catheter it is crucial that you get quality medical advice that will help you better understand how to utilize your catheter so that you can look after your health and take care of your body at all times.

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