Battling Depression in Tampa

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Seeking psychiatric help used to be taboo, but seeking help for a mental health issue is not too fundamentally different from seeking help for a physical ailment. Battling major depression or other mental health issues alone is like dragging around a broken leg. It is possible to do it for a while, but not really medically advisable in the long term.

Psychologists are sometimes confused with psychiatrists, the primary difference being that a psychiatrist has an MD whereas a psychologist has a PhD or MA. Psychiatrists are physician specialists, whereas a Tampa psychologist should be able to help with virtually any mental health disorder or provide counseling. A psychologist tampa FL residents would regularly see to deal with an ongoing mental health issue would most likely be a Tampa psychologist, not a psychiatrist.

Psychologists tampa residents might visit have a variety of specialties, but depression is a major concern nationally. It is estimated that 17.5 million Americans suffer from some form of depression. Of those, about 9.2 million have what can be considered major or clinical depression. A Tampa psychologist can help, but only if the person suffering reaches out. Fully two thirds of those grappling with depression do not seek sufficient treatment, and the sort of psychologist Tampa residents can trust needs patients interested in overcoming their depression. Eighty percent of the people diagnosed with clinical depression who receive treatment are able to improve their lives by a significant margin.

A Tampa psychologist can assist with depression and other mental health issues, but the person suffering has to make the first step.

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