Asking Whether or Not Marijuana is Addictive is a Useful Question

Is marijuana addicting

In the United States, the most commonly used drug is marijuana, perhaps because cannabis plans can grow an inch or two every day and up to 18 feet in nearly any ecosystem This might make it surprising that many people will still ask the question “is marijuana addictive?” In order to answer that question, many people might want to find some kind of literature that explains marijuana addictive tendencies. Some might find that information on the internet, and others might find a useful marijuana book. Either way, finding the answer to “is marijuana addictive” can be a good plan for anybody with questions about the use of it.

Every year, U.S. taxpayers pay some $10 billion on marijuana prohibition costs that result in the arrests of over 853,000 individuals. If that trend continues, perhaps more research needs to be done to determine exactly if marijuana addictive traits are real and common or not. If they are, then perhaps that money is being used in a proper way. Either way, determining whether marijuana addictive characteristics are real or not can be beneficial in determining the best way to spend money on research and regulations.

Although quitting smoking is almost always a good thing, there are several marijuana withdrawal symptoms that can make quitting difficult. It is estimated that nearly 47 percent of former smokers report sleep disruption problems. This does not mean just insomnia, but vivid, disturbing dreams or nightmares that disrupted sleep. In order to avoid that, individuals who want to quit might do well to look up and find a useful marijuana addiction treatment program that helps them avoid some of the harshest withdrawal symptoms.

There has not been enough research and publication done that helps people understand the answer to “is marijuana addictive?” While that research might be difficult and expensive, finding an answer might help people determine whether or not they want to start, or help them quit. Although it will not impact the other uses of the cannabis plan, like hemp paper, which the early drafts of the Declaration of Independence was written on, determining marijuana addictive qualities can be very beneficial to the public. Good references here:

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