Americans Skipping Fried Foods in Favor of Healthy Lunches

Healthy lunch

Americans are busy people. Hectic workdays, family obligations and other demands on our schedules do not leave us a lot of time for a healthy lunch. Few workers take a full hour for lunch anymore. It is more likely to find someone running errands during lunch time, or grabbing a sandwich or a fast food burger and eating it at his or her desk than to find them enjoying a leisurely meal in the middle of the day.

Busy schedules often mean that people do not think that they have time for healthy lunches. That is not true. Whether you buy your lunch or bring it to work with you, there are many different healthy lunch ideas.

People who buy lunch from restaurants, delicatessens, or cafeterias can usually find healthy options on the menu. If you are buying lunch, and do not see any healthy lunch choices, ask. Most places will accommodate the dietary needs and requests of their customers.

Bringing your own lunch has many advantages. You get to pack whatever you want for lunch. You control the nutritional value, or lack of it, yourself. You can bring fresh fruits and vegetables instead of less healthy options. You can bring as much or as little food as you like. Bringing your own lunch can save you a lot of money, too. A recent survey revealed that around 50 percent of working Americans spend as much as 2,000 dollars a year buying lunch. If you decide to brown bag it instead, even the savings are healthy.

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