5 Things You Shouldnt Even Think About Doing at a Gun Store

The video explains things you should not even think of doing at gun stores. If you go to a gun store, do your gun shopping and leave. A gun store is a busy and risky place to be.

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Therefore, the faster you complete your business, the better. If you have any questions, look for a shop attendant. They are the correct person to ask if you need a good answer.

At a gun shop, do not tell others you are a felon. Instead, indicate it on the paperwork. Never unholster a gun you’re carrying, or load or unload a gun. Also, if you visit a gun shop, be respectful to everyone. Do not make fun of other customers or the attendants. Talk politely, and wait to be served. If you do this, the attendant gives you their full attention and answers any questions.

When shopping for guns, do not ask for several guns at once. Seek one at a time. It allows the shop attendant ample time to explain the features and functioning of each firearm you would like to see. Also, pick a time when it is not too busy. You will get better service when there are fewer people.

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