4 Signs You Might be Experiencing Job Burnout

Stressful job

Statistics show that nearly one million workers in the United States avoid going to work each day due to workplace stress. While many people deal with normal levels of stress on the job, some are fighting against burnout on the job. A stressful job can sometimes place too much of a burden on someone to the extent that they need to seek out burnout treatment. With that in mind, here are four important signs that your job might be causing you to feel burned out.

  1. Having a Short Fuse

    One major sign that you’re feeling burned out is if you getting more angry than normal. Many people can feel frustrated at certain times while on the job. With that in mind, noticing increased bouts of anger is a definite sign that you are becoming burned out. It’s important to seek out burnout treatment when dealing with more symptoms of anger than normal.
  2. Constantly Feeling Exhausted

    Certain symptoms of job burnout mimic signs of physical exhaustion. You’ve likely had a few days where you have come home feeling extremely tired. However, it’s important to note the difference between a few days of feeling tired and complete exhaustion. If you’re feeling exhausted from even the most mundane of days, you might be experiencing job burnout.
  3. Heightened Anxiety

    In some cases, workplace stress can lead to feelings of anxiety. Increased symptoms of anxiety include shakiness, nervousness, and general feelings of fear during otherwise mundane situations. It’s important to note when you’re feeling anxious and how strong these feelings become. You’ll find it’s wise to seek out burnout treatment in the event that your job is causing you to become far more anxious than normal. In fact, statistics show that nearly 66% of men and women reported that work has significant impacts on their overall stress levels.
  4. Losing Interest in Activities

    Many people seek recovery from severe burnout through taking part in their favorite activities. When burnout becomes too severe, it’s not likely that previously enjoyed activities will help you find stress relief. Unfortunately, losing interest in activities you would otherwise enjoy is a major symptom of depression. You’ll find that depression isn’t only seen in those who are holding down a job. In fact, statistics from a recent study found that medical students suffer from a depression rate that can be anywhere between 15 to 30% higher than the rest of the general population. If normal activities or hobbies aren’t bringing you joy, it’s time to seek out professional burnout treatment.

To summarize, there are several signs that can cause someone to feel burned out while on the job. If you find yourself more prone to bouts of anger than normal, you might be experiencing job burnout. Another common feeling associated with job burnout is feeling constantly exhausted, whether at work or home. Many people feel slight anxiety when taking on certain projects at work. However, if your anxiety levels are becoming higher than normal, you’re likely feeling burned out. Losing interest in activities that you would otherwise find enjoyable is another important sign that you are burned out from your job.

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