3 Common Skin Ailments Know What to Do When They Happen To You

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Clear, healthy and radiant skin can do wonders to boost your self confidence and personal happiness. Unfortunately, unpreventable circumstances, such as environment, UV rays, the natural process of aging, genetics, and body chemistry can all cause your skin to react negatively and break out, sag, or loose its glow. Know the risks and common causes, and protect yourself.

1. Acne
By mid-teen years, most adolescents have experienced acne or acne scarring. Even though it is associated with teens, acne can afflict adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s. There are countless treatments for acne, from washes and acne pads to specialty skin masks. It is important to remember that diet and exercise play a large part in skin help — even increasing water uptake can seriously decrease acne. For people with serious acne problems, correspondingly serious skin care measures may be necessary. Private label skin care usually uses beneficial astringents and natural ingredients to fight your acne.

2. Aging
Since everyone ages, it is in your best interest to embrace many of the effects of aging that can effect the skin and to love the natural process. However, some of the most extreme effects, especially the ones caused by continued exposure to pollutants, can be prevented or reversed with proper lifestyle, diet and skin products. Even everyday air pollution, like that which comes from traffic, can increase pigment and age spots by as much as 20%, and lead to deeper lines and wrinkles. One way to cut down on these pollutants is to try to move to a place that is not in range of highways, train tracks, or factories. Another way is to make sure to cleanse frequently — although, be careful not to exfoliate too often, as it can strip your face of natural oils.

3. Skin Elasticity
Taut skin glows, radiates and give the impression of health and youth. Unfortunately, skin elasticity declines about 0.55% to 1% each year for the average person. Many people feel that the only option is to receive cosmetic surgery or injections, however, with the use of specific private label skin care in a skin care routine, skin can be kept as supple and healthy as ever.

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