Telehealth Companies Are The Future

Have you noticed lately that it’s getting harder and harder to get an in-person appointment at your primary care physician’s office? With COVID-19 running rampant, other viruses, and regularly scheduled check-ups it feels like the doctor’s office is the hottest place in town. This is a huge problem for someone who needs to speak to a doctor sooner rather than later.

That’s why people have started utilizing telehealth companies. They’re fast, easy, convenient, and they are usually covered by insurance companies.

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Telehealth is a great resource for someone who needs a prescription refilled or someone who has a question to ask. The telehealth doctor is a great starting point.

You can usually get a telehealth appointment within about 24-hours of requesting an appointment. Sometimes you’ll be speaking with a doctor within a few minutes if there is someone available. Telehealth appointments can happen on the phone or over video depending on what the appointment is for.

Once you’re in the appointment and you explain your situation to the doctor they will either tell you that they can take care of it, or they will send you to a specialist. They can give you a referral so you should get an appointment soon. If you’re having an emergency, please call 911 or visit the emergency room.


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