Beginners Guide to Becoming a Travel Nurse

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Traveling nursing jobs are becoming increasingly popular for nurses looking for higher pay and more freedom. This article will cover the things you need to become a travel nurse today!


You need 1-2 years of experience as a nurse before being hired as a travel nurse. You need specific experience in your field, whether its ICU, NICU, ER, etc.


You need to make sure that your licensing and credentials are all up to date. You cannot be licensed in one state and operate in another, either. You will need licensing in both states, and that will cost money.


Find a quality recruiter who knows you well and can find the right job for you. Take your time and do your homework, or else you may end up in a bad position with a recruiter who isn’t finding the right jobs for you.


You will need an application, references, license, certifications & skills, and resume to compete for jobs.

Phone Interview & Credentialing

You will wait a bit, and then conduct a phone interview with your potential new employer to make sure that you’re a good fit. If you’re up to snuff, you will go through a credentialing process to prepare you for work.

Clearly, becoming a travel nurse is not as easy as buying a plane ticket and showing up to work. However, if you stick with it, you may find a perfect role with good pay and a lot of freedom.

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