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Understanding the Different Types of Weight Loss Surgery:The Gastric Balloon

gastric balloonWe all know that obesity is an epidemic that many Americans face, but many people don’t actually know how this medical problem is defined. Doctors usually define being overweight as a condition in which a person’s weight is 10% to 20% higher than normal as defined by their standard height to weight ratio. Additionally, this could mean the person has a body mass index of 25 to 30. When someone’s body weight is more than 30% higher, they are considered to be obese.

If you are severely overweight and have not had much luck with diet and exercise, then doctor supervised weight loss may be a good option to consider. In addition to non-surgical physician assisted weight loss, there are also plenty of different surgical procedures offered by weight loss surgeons. In this post, we will explain the gastric balloon procedure and how it can benefit you.

What exactly is the gastric balloon?
The technique is interesting — it doesn’t require the doctor to remove part of your stomach or any other intestines. Rather, they will insert a balloon into your stomach. They will then inflate it so it expands and fills part of the stomach, causing the patient to feel full after eating less.

What are the benefits of having the balloon inserted?
Since you will be feeling fuller, sooner, this is one of the best weight loss procedures out there simply because you will be eating less food. While the amount of weight loss does differ per person, you can come to expect to lose a huge portion of your weight because you will be eating healthier and less frequently.

Do I have to restrict what I eat when I have the balloon?
Yes and no. You will have to restrict how much food you eat, and your doctor will require you to eat balanced meals for the best results. But besides that, you can eat any kind of food you’d like, so a piece of cake or dash of hot sauce once in a while is okay!

How long do they last?
These balloons are meant to stay in place for about six months. Then it will be removed via an endoscopy, once your appetite is already reduced. Even better, unlike other types of weight loss surgery, the gastric balloon is reversible.

The gastric balloon procedure can be a great option for those looking to change their life for the better. If you are looking to become healthy again, then talk to your physician to figure out the best option for your health.

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