Trusting Your Pharmacist The Advantage of a Local Pharmacist

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Breakthroughs in modern medicine over the past few decades have extended life expectancies, cured former killer-diseases, and drastically improved the quality of life for millions of patients. As modern medicine and pharmaceuticals continue to advance, we can expect to see more cures and treatments to the ailments of the modern day. Both over the counter medicine and prescriptions are powerful tools in the body’s fight against disease and symptom, yet it is only with a doctor’s evaluation and a pharmacist’s expertise that medicine can be used to its full effect.

Prescriptions in America

Studies show that nearly 70% of Americans take one prescription drug, many of which have multiple prescriptions. It is suggested that as many as 78% of all prescriptions are filled in the generic form; this is typically because they are cheaper and many insurance groups believe the active ingredients are identical. A typical prescription will cost the average American just a $10.73 average copay. Finally as many as 54% of all prescriptions are filled at retail pharmacies rather than a local pharmacy.

Big Pharma

There is little doubt that prescription drugs has turned into a powerful business with big pharmacy corporations dominating the stock market. Unfortunately, there is corruption within the world of big pharma, as more and more CEOs are being tried and convicted of inflating drug prices. For example, earlier in 2016 the company Turing Pharmaceuticals increased the price of the anti-malaria drug Daraprim by 5,000%, charging $750 per pill for a drug that used to cost $13.50 per pill! This monopolization of cures is immoral and laid down like a trap for consumers to walk into; for this reason it is advantageous to trust your prescription health to an expert that truly cares for you, the patient.

The Advantage of Your Local Pharmacy

In the United States there are an estimated 22,160 small community pharmacies throughout the country that have yet to be beaten by large-scale mega pharmacy corporations. The advantage of an independent pharmacist is someone that cares about the local consumer, someone who will not be moved by the financial dominance of big pharma. Many local pharmacists take it upon themselves to offer the best pharmaceutical care for their patients; up to 76% of independent pharmacists compound medications for patients. When it comes to over the counter medicine, many patients unknowingly choose the wrong pain reliever given their medical needs; local pharmacists can take your care to a personal level by helping determine the best choice for over the counter medicine as well. Trust your care to an expert, consider the advantage of a local pharmacist in your area.

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