Tips for Organizing a Health Fair for Your Community on Your Own

Are you planning to host a health fair for your community? Watch the YouTube video “DIY health fairs.” The video offers tips such as finding the right vendors, sponsors, and suppliers. For example, porta potty rental in Knoxville, TN for your portable toilet requirements. However, that is just one of the many things to consider before planning a DIY health fair in your community.

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Planning Basics


Start by choosing a theme for the health fair. Themes add a touch of fun to a serious topic and make it engaging for kids as well. Budgeting for a health fair can be daunting. It can become expensive very quickly. Try to get a few sponsors for the event. It will lighten the load and eliminate the stress of not having a big enough budget. Select a venue that caters to the number of attendees you’re expecting to get. It could be an indoor or outdoor venue. There are two aspects to include in your event that are sure to attract many attendees: freebies and giveaways. A keychain or cap will do. You could even print a few t-shirts for the event. Lastly, choose a wide range of vendors in this industry.


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