The Flu Is Getting More Dangerous Why Clinics Are Ordering More Vaccine Varieties To Keep Up

The flu has been seen as a mundane illness for a while now. Recent deaths are starting to change that.

When someone gets the flu it can take between a week to two and a half weeks to bounce back from. It comes with fever, chills, and nausea, requiring extensive bed rest and hydration. Not everyone is so fortunate, however. These past few years have seen a rise in flu-related hospitalizations and deaths, due in no small part to rampant misconceptions about the function of a vaccine. When you order flu vaccines for your clinic you go the extra mile to keep entire populations safe from an illness that can easily turn complicated at the drop of a hat.

Flu vaccine distributors work hard every year to provide updated vaccine models. Here’s what you should know about the state of illness in America today before you order flu vaccines.

The Common Cold And The Flu Are Frequent, Yet Distinct

Everyone gets sick at some point or another. It’s estimated Americans will come down with a collective one billion colds every year, with this virus easily spread through coughing, infected surfaces, and close contact. The average child, in particular, will catch between six and 10 colds every year. While both of these illnesses share some similarities — such as fever and exhaustion — they are also very distinct. The common cold is more mild, whereas the flu often lasts longer and brings with it a host of complications if not carefully managed.

Flu Vaccines Have To Be Updated On A Yearly Basis

The best way to beat the flu is not to get it in the first place. Alongside practicing safe habits — such as regular hand washing and avoiding contact with sick persons — it’s recommended by most doctors today people receive yearly flu vaccines. The flu virus evolves and adapts constantly, requiring a proactive attitude to keep at bay. A single shot or nasal spray can prevent weeks of illness and even save lives. The latter is what’s known as ‘herd immunity’.

Herd Immunity Is Essential To Saving Lives

When you order flu vaccines you’re not just keeping the individual safe. You’re keeping entire communities safe. Herd immunity is a term used to denote the broad protection gained by a community when several individuals are vaccinated against easily spread diseases. While the common cold can’t be vaccinated, the flu is a more serious complication that can be significantly reduced with a single shot. Infected adults have the ability to pass on the flu beginning from day one, even before symptoms develop.

Flu-Related Hospitilizations And Deaths Are Getting Worse

The biggest reason multi-dose vaccines are getting more attention these past few years is the rise of complications. The flu is a difficult enough illness to recover from — with muscle aches able to last the rest of the month — without adding additional complications. These include lowered immune systems and age, among others, and can be so extreme as to send someone to the hospital. Immunization has been found to prevent between two and three million deaths per year, according to the World Health Organization. In order to make sure everyone’s covered flu vaccines take on several forms.

Flu Vaccines Come In Several Varieties And Methods

As a distributor it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone is covered, no matter what. Four processes take place in the human body once a drug is administered — absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. A person’s genetics will then determine how their body functions during these essential processes. Pre-filled syringes are a useful tool for clinics when they’re facing a surplus of applicants. The flu vaccine can also come in preservative-free vaccines and nasal sprays.

Keep your patients protected. Order flu vaccines and keep up with demand, as 2019 is looking to be just as dangerous.

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