The Benefits of Autism Centers and Why You Should Enroll Your Child

autism spectrum disorderAutism awareness is growing across the United States. Studies show that of the 3.5 million Americans who live with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the odds of having an ASD are one in 68 for children.

Early detection followed by treatment can greatly benefit the development of children in as little as a few years. In fact, a noticeable increase in IQ, verbal skills, and social functioning was seen in 50% of individuals with autism who received applied behavior analysis (ABA) services prior to turning four.

For parents and guardians of children with autism, consider the following benefits your child can get from enrollment at autism centers in Michigan:

  • Clients are matched by age and level of functioning for opportunities to socialize and interact with peers.
  • Centers provide the perfect setting for generalization, allowing clients to apply their new skills in a new way and in a new environment.
  • Immediate access to supervisors and other resources.
  • Engagement with new toys and materials they may not otherwise have access to.
  • Centers allow more free time for parents to work, attend meetings, or run errands, all while your child is learning at the center and in the care of professionals.
  • Variation in your weekly schedule. If you would like to split up the teachings at home and at a center, that option is available.

ABA therapy is a proven method of treating those with Autism spectrum disorder and is usually offered at the majority of autism centers. It involves the application of the principles of learning and motivation from behavior analysis and the procedures and technology from those principles. ABA therapy has been researched for over 40 years and has been validated by numerous professionals within the field.

Before deciding the method of treatment that is best for your child, visit an autism center and have the team of licensed psychologists and highly trained doctoral level assessors evaluate your child. They will be looking to assess things like cognitive function, attention and mental control, processing speed, language abilities, verbal and nonverbal learning, memory, and more.

When deciding what course of action to take with your child with an autism spectrum disorder, consider the above benefits and help your child to lead a better life.

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