Relax with a deep muscle massage

Libertyville massage spa

Nothing beats the feeling of total body elation after a great massage. For centuries, people throughout the world have depended on massage therapy as a form of relaxation and healing. There is archaeological evidence of massage therapy in many ancient civilizations, including China, India, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Rome, Greece, and Mesopotamia.
However, residents in Libertyville, Ill and surrounding communities don’t need to travel far to be kneaded. There are plenty of massage therapy centers and licensed massaged therapists in their own backyard. The Libertyville massage Therapy Clinic offers an array of massage services and bodywork.
Libertyville Massage offers relaxation massage, which uses a slow, gentle approach that relaxes the nervous system and reduces anxiety. It also offers clients more vigorous massage, featuring deep tissue massage, which increases circulation to the muscles. Deep tissue massage also releases tension and works to remove knots and adhesions and relieve back and joint tension. This is perfect for active individuals and athletes. There are also sports, facial and prenatal massage services at Libertyville Massage, as well as neighboring massage centers like Lake Bluff Massage, Mundelein Massage and Vernon hills massage.
Other holistic treatments that can accompany massage include hot stone massage where hot stones are placed on the body in key places, acupuncture, which is an ancient healing art that helps improve blood flow and decreases pain while revitalizing organs. Trigger point therapy, also offered at Libertyville Massage, involves using strong, direct pressure on areas of pain.
Libertyville massage offers on site services, wherein therapists will come to a business with massage chairs. Employees can use their break times to have a massage and relax.

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