I Suffer From Chronic Neck And Shoulder Pain Who Can Help Me Out?

Theraputic massage

Do you struggle with constant stiffness in your neck and shoulders? Do you have back pain that makes it hard to focus on work or relaxation? A theraputic massage may be in your future. The best massage is more than just feeling good — it’s getting your life back in order and restoring your physical health, that of which can seriously deteriorate in the day-to-day if neglected. If you’re new to massage therapy or are already considering signing up for an appointment, take a glance at the list below to learn about the emotional and physical benefits of a theraputic massage.

How Common Is Chronic Pain?

Millions of Americans across the country suffer from some form of chronic pain. Studies have shown more than fifty one million American adults, at around 16% of the population, had previously discussed potential massage therapy with their healthcare providers back in 2015. An additional survey saw 52% of adult Americans who sought out a massage between July of 2014 and July of 2015 did so for medical or health reasons such as pain management or injury rehabilitation. Yet more do it for wellness and to increase their quality of life.

What Causes Chronic Pain?

There are many different factors that cause chronic pain in younger and older adults in America. One of the most common contributors is the workforce — both active and sedentary jobs cause significant strain on the legs and lower back, transforming into stiffness, soreness and spasms that can last for years if untreated. Other contributors include, but are not limited to, age, illness, a workplace injury and active career fields.

How Does Chronic Pain Affect Mental Health?

Chronic pain is a stressful and frustrating element of a person’s life. It affects your day-to-day behavior and makes even mundane tasks highly difficult and, at worst, impossible. This can significantly impact your mental and emotional health if left untreated, creating a ricochet affect that causes more severe chronic pain. Almost two-thirds of chronic pain sufferers reported an impact on their overall quality of life, while another study saw more than three quarters of patients with chronic pain reporting noticeable depressive symptoms.

How Can Chronic Pain Be Reduced?

Small lifestyle changes can reduce the severity of chronic pain. Practicing good posture when you attend a part-time or full-time sedentary job will help with putting unnecessary strain on your shoulders and neck, as well as investing in a chair with proper back support and taking periodic moments to stand, stretch and practice breathing exercises. Regular exercise will keep your blood pumping and your muscles more relaxed as well. However, chronic pain that becomes too severe needs to be treated with professional massage therapy to avoid long-term complications.

Will A Therapeutic Massage Help Me?

If chronic pain has become unmanageable in your day-to-day life and you want to seek out a solution with long-term benefits, it’s time to set up an appointment with a massage therapist. Over 33% of massage consumers had a massage for either relaxation or stress reduction between July of 2014 and July of 2015, with over 90% agreeing that massage can be highly effective in reducing pain. Even for those who don’t have chronic pain can see their stress evaporated with the aid of a good massage. If you want to improve your quality of life in just a few sessions, theraputic massage will go a long way.

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