Having Trouble Sleeping? You Could Be At Increased Risk For Heart Failure

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Do you struggle to fall asleep every night? Do you have a severe snoring or breathing issue that prevents you from getting the rest you need? Have you tried over-the-counter sleeping aids that never seem to work? You might be in need of a ResMed CPAP machine. This technology is specifically crafted for people who have moderate to severe sleep apnea, as well as nasal or breathing issues, that regularly disturb their sleep patterns and affect their lifestyle. From CPAP nasal pillows that provide dual function to the best CPAP mask provided by your doctor, this technology could be your ticket to the sleep that’s been denied you. Below is a look at CPAP technology, how it functions and whether or not this could be your ticket to a better night’s rest.

Did You Know?

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that affects the way you breathe as well as disrupts your REM cycles, leading to tired, troubled and more frequently sick adults. While certain factors such as age or weight can contribute to the likelihood of sleep apnea, stress and other related illnesses can contribute to this debilitating sleep disorder. It’s thought that sleep apnea affects as many as 18 million Americans around the country, with around 4% having their symptoms go on undiagnosed and untreated. When this disorder goes unchecked it can create a host of problems, including but not limited to increasing the risk for heart failure as well as disturbing your ability to concentrate in your day-to-day life.

What Are Sleep Apnea Health Risks?

Having your night’s sleep interrupted for the third or fourth time in a week is frustrating in more ways than one. Not only do you attend work or school exhausted and unfocused, you run the risk of developing severe health problems. Attaining your REM cycle on a regular basis is necessary for your body to recover from the wear and tear of a busy day and no amount of caffeine or energy drinks will replace its benefits. A study found that asthma patients face a 40% greater risk of sleep apnea compared to those asthma-free, with untreated sufferers also running a higher risk of developing heart disease or stroke. A ResMed CPAP machine is an essential tool in your arsenal of consistent sleep patterns and a healthy lifestyle, coming in many forms depending on your unique needs.

What Is A CPAP Machine?

CPAP is an acronym for ‘continuous positive airway pressure’, used as a form of physical therapy for people suffering from moderate to severe sleep apnea. This technology can be integrated into your pillow or put into a portable mask you can take with you on your travels. It encourages a more consistent and natural air flow through your nasal passages and lungs, discouraging snoring and creating a more harmonious sleep experience. If you’re interested in applying for a ResMed CPAP machine or CPAP mask, meet with your doctor and see which one is right for you.

Who Do I Contact?

A check-up by your regular doctor can determine the source of your sleep apnea, be it chronic stress or an untreated breathing disorder. Whether or not you will need a CPAP machine will depend on the severity as well as your lifestyle, as alternate forms of breathing aids exist in the form of CPAP pillows and masks. While half of all treated sleep apnea sufferers prefer nasal pillows, another half turn to masks as their preferred medical option. You’ll be taught about how to maintain your CPAP settings as well as clean or replace certain parts when they are worn out. If you or someone you know is suffering from sleep apnea, meet with a specialist and see if a ResMed CPAP machine can bring you the sleep you’ve been looking for.

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