Coping With Summer Seasonal Depression

Summer is the time where the sun shines brightest, but several Americans find themselves wanting to simply close the blinds and lay in bed all day. Lethargic patterns are a symptom of season depression, or seasonal affective disorder. While it is more common for people to experience seasonal depression during the winter months, there are a handful of people who have the same symptoms during the summer months instead.

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Getting up and going outside can seem daunting, overwhelming, and undesirable. If you find yourself smack dab in the center of a fit of summer depression, this video offers several tips to help get you out of your funk and take care of yourself.

The first tip is to keep cool. Open a window or turn up your air conditioning. Overheating can cause even more negative health effects. Next, be aware of light exposure and stick to a routine sleep schedule. It can be tempting to want to sleep all day, but this will only cause more depression. Read books, and distract yourself with calming activities to keep yourself awake until it is time for sleep. Finally, avoid the urge to isolate. Make a point to contact your friends or family every day, even if it’s just a text.


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