Am I an Addict? Signs that Often Go Unnoticed

You fell through a roof during repairs or you slipped and fell. However it happened, you were prescribed medication to deal with the pain. Since then, your wounds have healed but you’ve kept taking the pills. It might be because your body has started going into withdrawals without them, or you might just enjoy the way they make you feel. Regardless, in 2016, over 10 million Americans over the age of 12 misused prescription pain medications. How can you tell when you need to get drug addiction treatment?

You Kept Taking Your Medication After You Healed

Almost 75% of new heroin users began their path to addiction by abusing or misusing prescription drugs. These painkillers cause the user to suffer withdrawal symptoms if they are taken for an extended period of time. They’re addictive and many users seek stronger medications once their body gets used to the feeling of the prescription painkiller. If your injury has healed and you’re still taking prescription painkillers despite a lack of symptoms, this is a huge indicator to seek drug addiction treatment.

You Can’t Stop, Even if You Want To

Drug abuse usually starts at a young age and it’s easy to get lost in the fun of the drug. Whether it be prescription medication, alcohol, or a marijuana, once a habit forms, it can be hard to break — even if you’re not having fun anymore. This is especially apparent in prescription drug abuse. You may go through physical withdrawals if you don’t take the drug, or you feel an irresistible urge to use it. If you can’t stop your drug abuse, you may have a drug addiction.

You Can’t Have Fun Without It

It might have started out at a party or friend’s house. Once you engaged in the activity, everything got better: you were able to become a different version of yourself for a little while. Then you tried it at the next party and had a fun time too. You can’t imagine going to a party sober now — it just feels awkward. So you did it a few more times until you realize mundane tasks could probably be improved by drugs or alcohol too. Suddenly, you’re not having fun at all unless you’re on a drug.

It happens slowly, and then suddenly. If you can’t engage in normal activities or if you constantly feel the need to take drugs to make a situation or an event more fun, then it’s time to think about getting drug addiction treatment. Even talking to someone can be a great way to take a first step toward recovery. Countless addiction treatment centers and drug abuse centers offer anonymous treatment and resources.

Drug addiction treatment is necessary in stopping the thousands of deaths that occur each year because of drug addiction. In 2016 alone, the United States witnessed over 60,000 deaths due to drug overdose. While it might be difficult to admit you have a drug addiction, recognizing these warning signs in yourself and others is the first step in engaging in drug rehabilitation.

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