3 Ways to Win Your Slip and Fall Case

In this new video of Law Office Of Scott D. DeSalvo (slip and fall attorney) we’ll learn and deeply analyze what to do after a slip and fall incident. There are several steps you have to follow to ensure a better case, and these are the following.

Prove negligence and seek medical treatment.

The first step is proving that the incident wasn’t your fault but a case of negligence.

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Make sure to document if you get a medical check and treatment, and if an eyewitness of the event can testify to what happened.

Find other pieces of evidence.

Sometimes a medical check isn’t enough proof for a slip and fall case, and in this case, you have to find evidence showing that the incident wasn’t your fault. Security cameras and other types of footage of the event will ensure a better case for you.

Your statement is crucial for the case.

Be honest and precise when giving your statement, as this is one of the most crucial aspects of a slip and fall case. Don’t try to change your words.

Slip and fall cases are complicated, but with a slip and fall attorney, you can win. For more information, please watch our video.

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