3 Common Reasons People Experience Hip Pain

Throughout our lives, we tend to put wear and tear on areas of our body. Unfortunately, this wear and tear can begin to cause certain areas of the body to experience pain. In some cases, this pain doesn’t go away after a few days and becomes chronic. Statistics gathered from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that hip pain can affect nearly 7% of all adults in the United States at any given time. It’s understandable to wonder what could be behind the cause of having pain in the hip area. With that in mind, here are three common causes of hip pain.

  1. Arthritis

    One of the most common causes of hip pain stems from having arthritis. In fact, over 50 million people living throughout the United States live with this condition. One reason for the hip pain that is often experienced by those living with arthritis has to do with the cartilage protecting your hip bones. Unfortunately, arthritis can break down this cartilage as well causing immense bouts of inflammation. Orthopedic doctors regularly help treat patients living with hip pain caused by arthritis.
  2. Hip Fractures

    While hip fractures can occur at any age, they are often seen in those who are elderly. Unfortunately, older individuals have bones that begin to break down quickly as they age. Considering that, a fall that a younger person might get up from could cause immense damage to someone older. In the event of a particularly damaging senior fall, orthopedic services might be called upon to help repair damage caused by this incident.
  3. Tendinitis

    It’s understandable to think that orthopedic doctor only works directly on matters involving the skeletal system. However, orthopedic doctors also help treat issues involving muscles and tendons. Speaking of tendons, one issue known to cause hip pain is tendinitis. Your hip bones are connected to muscles near this area by tendons. Therefore, it’s understandable to confuse hip bone pain with a case of tendinitis.

In conclusion, there are several common causes of hip pain. Many people living with continuous hip pain often visit orthopedic doctors. These doctors help patients find out the type of orthopedic surgery needed to treat certain painful hip conditions. No matter what type of hip pain you’re living with, it’s wise to schedule a visit with an orthopedic doctor for a professional opinion.

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