What Are the Safest Ways You Can Cool Foods?

Whether you work in food service or you are just trying to stay safe at home with the way you prepare your food, this video is a great resource. In this video, this expert chef will be teaching us the best practices for cooling food down. This can be extremely important and can ensure you and your family won’t become sick from the way you store food anymore.

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He goes through different examples of what you can do to cool down certain types of foods. Each food is different when it comes to the way it should be handled, so you should take the advice from this chef when you are in need of practicing food safety protocols. Improper cooling is actually one of the leading causes of becoming sick after consuming a meal. That’s why it’s so important that you understand the proper protocol.

When you are cooling down soups, sauces, and chowders, it’s best to cool them down in an ice bath. This will help them slowly cool down. Also, if you’d rather stick these food items in the fridge, using a shallow pan can be great as well. For more tips, watch the entire video!


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