Unsightly Scars From A Procedure? Micro-pigmentation May Hide It!

Traditional tattoos have always been about artistic expression. You can always find many that are abstract or oftentimes designed with so much depth and awareness of the 3D space, that they appear to pop out. Scalp Micropigmentation, or known alternatively as SMP, has successfully fooled the mind into thinking an individual has a close shaven scalp.

Uses For Scalp Micropigmentation

The applications fall under a big umbrella. Diagnosed with alopecia? Had scars from a procedure? Are you a women who has had hair loss or a man with male pattern baldness that 95 percent of men lose hair from? Scalp micropigmentation can fill in those gaps that an individual might feel embarrassed for its exposure. You can use even in conjunction with hair transplants.

Two-thirds of men, for example, in the United States will have experienced some degree of hair loss by the time they reach 35 and rises significantly to 85 percent of men by the time they reach 50. This equates to about 35 million men dealing with hair loss or balding.

It provides an individual with the option that does not require a lifetime commitment like hair clubs, or unsightly scars from hair transplants, nor does it require a wig that could fall off or be displaced at any moment. How often have you seen a wig that looked convincing? You could line up a hundred people and probably easily pick out individuals wearing wigs.

How Does The Process Work?

If you have ever experienced a tattoo, then you are already familiar with the process. For those that have not, tattooing is a very simple process to understand. For simplicity’s sake, the application of a tattoo is comprised of three components: the motor, a needle and ink. If you take a pencil and tap your arm with the tip, (gently, of course, you are not trying to hurt yourself), then you are, essentially, mimicking the motion of the needle within the tattoo machine. As the needle “taps” your skin, it forces the needle to inject ink into the portion of your skin that is deep enough for it to stick around as well as shallow enough that the ink does not enter your system.

No surgery scheduled, not a single implant nor hair growth serum applied, no eight hour procedure like FUE, it is a one-stop tattoo that can help an individual regain some confidence in themselves.

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