The PiYo Program What You Might Not Know

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It’s easy to get frustrated with the weight loss process when you see celebrities dropping dozens of pounds in what seems like a matter of weeks. Never mind the fact that they all bounce back to their “pre-baby bodies” in a matter of months after birth. Your rational mind knows that there is a lot more involved than diet and exercise in most of these cases — but it’s still discouraging. If it seems like you’re trying and trying to lose weight without any success, don’t give up just yet. It’s not a matter of failing — perhaps you simply haven’t tried the right strategy for you yet. The fact is that losing weight and keeping the weight off isn’t just about making temporary changes through workouts and exciting diets. It’s really about making a long-term lifestyle change. It can be difficult to navigate this process, and sometimes we need a little push. Chances are that between life and work, you don’t have the time to change your entire lifestyle on your own. Maybe it’s time to get a little help in losing weight and getting healthy. The PiYo program can be a great way of doing so. This is because, as you’ll see below, PiYo fitness is about more than workouts — it provides great diet options as well, incorporated into your everyday life.

Are You A Candidate For The PiYo Transformation?

Did you know that only 20% of adults meet the CDC’s Physical Activity Guidelines for aerobic physical and muscle-strengthening activity? If you’re not a part of that 20%, don’t feel bad. The fact is that many people have a hard time fitting this activity in their lifetime. Furthermore, many work out in a way that isn’t effective, and don’t realize so for months. The deck is stacked against them, and this can have a profound effect on their health. In 2012, the British Medical Journal released a study that showed that regular exercise, eating right, and avoiding bad habits such as smoking can help older women live five years longer, and older men live six years longer. It’s believed that regular physical activity can also lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, not engaging in regular physical activity, and not maintaining a healthy weight, can negatively impact your health. A PiYo plan makes getting and staying healthy much simpler in a number of way.

PiYo Meal Plans: Simplifying Your Diet

Many fitness programs make claims about getting people in shape through exercise programs. One thing that sets the PiYo program apart is its recognition of the importance of a healthy diet in getting fit. A PiYo meal plan can be designed to suit your specific needs, and tends to help participants in a number of ways. For one thing, the adherence to PiYo meal plan takes the thought of cooking, and can simplify the life of a working mom, for example, while at the same time promoting health and fitness. Knowing ahead of time what you’re going to eat — as you do when using a PiYo meal plan — also tends to cut down the costs associated with cooking. Therefore, the whole family can benefit from PiYo meal plans, even if you’re the only one adhering to it. Another unique part of the PiYo program is the way that it takes into account a person’s emotional needs.

Coaching: Making A Long-Term Difference

A PiYo coach is more than a personal trainer in a big way. Not only does the coaching aspect of the program motivate people — it also gives them a resource to reach for when they’re feeling discouraged or confused about what to do next. This is particularly beneficial for people looking to make a dramatic change. The more dramatic your transformation, the more you need to monitor your health. Having someone keeping track of the program with you simplifies this aspect, and solidifies it as a personalized program for you and your specific needs.

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