Taking Care of Flu Vaccinations, Fevers, and Fractures at an Urgent Care Center

Advanced urgent care

Your health and the health of your family are very important. You want to make sure that you will always have access to the right health care, regardless of the day of the week or the time of day. This can often be easier said than done, however, depending on your area, your familiarity with the local clinics, and of course, your health care insurance coverage. But whether you are in need of a flu vaccination, or stitches after an accident, or anything in between, it is better to find out where the closest emergency room or urgent care clinic is ahead of time.

Finding the right facility for you

It is a very reassuring thing to find a good primary physician, and the peace of mind that you gain as you get to know that doctor is priceless. The unfortunate thing is that illnesses and ailments do not always wait to occur only during your doctor’s office hours. So it is best to establish a plan before any need ever arises, for where to turn when such a case happens. Urgent care centers are becoming more of a go-to, as they are proving to be reliable alternatives to the emergency room, particularly when you cannot get to your regular doctor’s office. Most urgent care services are comparable to those offered in emergency rooms, but usually at a fraction of the cost.

From flu vaccinations to fracture care

Flu vaccinations are typically something that would be taken care of at your doctor’s office, but sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that call for a different plan of action. Visiting an urgent care center is a good backup plan. In fact, in almost any medical situation, an urgent care facility could likely be a good place to turn to.

One study showed that almost half of all adults visiting the emergency room for a sickness, though not ill enough to be admitted to the hospital, were seeking medical treatment there because their primary doctor’s office was not open. Urgent care centers often have longer hours, and can treat many of the same health issues that emergency rooms can. About 80% of urgent care clinics can take care of fractures, and around 70% can provide IV fluids if necessary.

No, the urgent care center is not the doctor that you have gotten to know. But having an option ready is a good idea for those inevitable times that your family’s ailments don’t wait for regular office hours.

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