Taking A Look At When To Visit Your Aesthetician

As any aesthetician knows, taking care of your skin is a hugely important thing. After all, though many people do not think of it this way, your skin is actually, by and large, the largest organ on your entire body. This means that it deserves the utmost care possible. Unfortunately, people do not often treat their skin with the care that it deserves, and this can lead to any number of different problems.

For one, acne is something that plagues as many as eighty five percent percent of all people of all ages here in the United States, at least at one point throughout their lives. Acne is most common during the teenage years, when puberty hits and your hormones are in full swing. However, acne can occur in adulthood as well, as any hormonal shift, such as pregnancy or giving birth, can trigger it. Adult onset acne can also be brought on by stress and other factors in your life, such as switching medications or birth controls. In total, it is estimated that more than fifty million people (just about sixty million people, if you are looking to be more precise) are currently dealing with acne in some capacity. And while some people’s acne is not severe at all and will go away on its own or else can be easily treated with topical medications, this is not always the case for everyone. For many, acne can be severely detrimental to the overall quality of life that is experienced and can even be extremely painful (both physically as well as emotionally – in fact, more than ninety five percent of those who deal with acne say that they have felt depressed directly because of it). If you deal with acne on a regular basis, it is well within your best interests to visit an aesthetician. A licensed aesthetician can help you to manage your acne through a number of treatments that range from extractions to medication to topical treatments of a prescription strength.

Aesthetician services also often provide for treatment for varicose veins. Going to see an aesthetician for varicose veins is a far from uncommon thing, as it is estimated that more than fifteen percent of all men in the United States suffer from varicose veins to some extent. It is even more common among the women of America, of whom very nearly thirty five percent are dealing with varicose veins. In total, it is estimated that as many twenty five million people are currently dealing with varicose and spider veins in the United States today. Varicose veins can be incredibly unsightly, marring the back of your legs and other areas of your body. On top of this, they can even become painful if they progress to a certain point. Many people go to an aesthetician to have their varicose veins removed or at least minimized because they are self conscious about them, but also because it is a simple procedure that will leave them physically much more comfortable after the brief recovery process is over. Varicose vein therapy can be done by just about anybody, from women to men alike. As long as you have varicose and spider veins, such treatment is very much likely to benefit you in the long run.

An aesthetician can also help you to prevent skin cancer from developing. If skin cancer has already presented, as it does in the more than one hundred and fifty thousand of cases of diagnosed melanoma each and every year here in the U.S., a dermatologist and aesthetician can help to treat the cancer, particularly if it is in one of the early stages. In such cases, the treatment for said cancer does not extend past simply and thoroughly removing it from wherever it may have developed on the patient’s body. Skin cancer is, unfortunately, all too common. Aside from the more than one hundred and fifty thousand new cases of melanomas, there are as many as one million existing cases at any given time, all in various stages of progression and of treatment. While some skin cancers are diagnosed early and can be treated and eradicated, others have already progressed by the time that they are detected and diagnosed.

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