Sports Physical Therapy —- [VIDEOS]

Updated 2/15/21

When you have had an injury or a surgery that left you with pain, it can take some time to get back the muscle movement that you had before. The muscles often atrophy quickly, and physical therapists are needed to help you to recondition those muscles. Most patients find their physical therapy effectiveness to be quite high. It’s a science-backed way to get better and to get back to your normal life again.

If you need a physical therapist, you can usually find a physical therapist directory to help you to find the right phone number for physical therapy so that you can call for your appointment with a therapist. There are many physical therapy procedures that are needed before you begin your therapy. In general, you need a doctor to refer you for this type of therapy. Then, you may need a physical exam to make sure that you are ready for this therapy. Then you need to choose a facility and make steady appointments with the physical therapist you will see. It is a lot of work to go through physical therapy, but it results in much faster healing and a stronger body when all of the sessions are over.

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