Senior Living Options How to Determine What Kind of Living Arrangement is Best for You

Assisted facility living

Life is a wonderful, beautiful thing and thanks to modern science and medicine human life expectancy rates have only increased. The United States Census Bureau states that the average life expectancy for Americans back in 1983 was 74.6 years; today the projection for life expectancies is 78.9 years! Although living to the age of 65 is an accomplishment, many of the tasks that people take for granted can be challenges for older adults. In some situations, seniors may require assistance that necessitates moving to some kind of senior living facility. Depending on the level of independence that the senior can manage, an independent senior community, assisted living center, or nursing home may be the best option.

Independent Senior Communities

Independent senior communities are private housing options that seniors with minimum care requirements can enjoy. These communities provide the highest level of independence for seniors with some centers providing housekeeping services. Many of these communities are sporting a more contemporary design with modern furnishings and the extensive use of technology. Different communities offer different facilities including dog parks, groomers, hair salons, and social activities to ensure that there is always something to do. Many facilities offer social wellness calendars packed full of Zumba, yoga, pottery, guest lectures, concerts, computer classes, mixers, and other activities to bring the community closer together. For those looking to live in a secure facility that offers high levels of independence, a senior living community could be the best kind of living arrangement.

Assisted Living Homes

Assisted living centers are ideal for seniors that require a moderate amount of care when it comes to everyday tasks like bathing, cooking, cleaning, and taking medication. Assisted living homes provide residents with housekeeping service and meal service as well, freeing up a lot of time for seniors to relax or pursue their own interests — with that being said, many assisted living arrangements also have a kitchen included should assisted living seniors wish to prepare their own meals. Although each assisted living center is different, most centers have amenities including fitness centers, libraries, television lounges, community centers, beauty parlors, and outdoor recreational areas. In addition, assisted living centers also offer seniors the opportunity to participate in senior-friendly events, excursions, and travel arrangements for seniors to explore. The essential philosophy behind an assisted living arrangement is to help residents remain as self-sufficient as possible while ensuring that assistance is always available as needed.

Nursing Homes

In some cases, 24 hour medical assistance may be required for seniors with a number of health issues — this is where a nursing home comes in. Nursing homes are best suited for those seniors that are unable to perform simple tasks on their own. Medication, food, bathing, and other activities are all handled by professional and certified staff that strive to give seniors the dignity and respect they are entitled to while providing the assistance that they need. In many cases nursing home residents were cared for by family members who lack the means to provide the medical and living assistance they require; seniors that have trouble with every day tasks and grow more irritable as the day goes on may require the added assistance of a nursing home. Consider a senior’s level of independence first to determine which senior living option will offer the best quality of life and level of assistance needed.

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